Rubrik: Disaster recovery, backup and data security.

Standard backup protocols are no longer resilient to threats and operational failures. The Rubrik technology permits bulletproof backups.

Advanced data protection with Rubrik

Trust Rubrik to fortify your own data security posture against ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges.

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Data security solutions

Rubrik pioneers advanced data security solutions that go beyond industry standards.

With robust encryption mechanisms, data access and controls, and compliance features, Rubrik ensures your data is shielded from unauthorized access and meets the highest security standards.

Disaster recovery capabilities

Disaster recovery capabilities

In the face of unexpected disruptions and natural disasters, Rubrik empowers your organization with speed, reliability, and minimal downtime.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Rubrik ensures swift recovery processes, allowing your business to resume normal operations more seamlessly.


Backup Solutions

Efficient and reliable, backup storage and recovery solutions are at the core of Rubrik's technological genius.

With incremental backups, versioning, and user-friendly restoration processes, Rubrik simplifies the complexities of data backup and sets the benchmark for cloud disaster recovery.

Key features of Rubrik

1. Automated backup for effortless protection

Rubrik's technology introduces automated backup solutions, streamlining the process and ensuring that your critical data is consistently protected. Say goodbye to manual interventions and embrace a hassle-free backup experience.

2. Instant recovery, minimized downtime

Rubrik's unique approach enables instant data recovery, significantly reducing downtime in the event of an unforeseen natural disaster or technical disaster. Your business can operate seamlessly with minimal disruption to productivity.

3. Intelligent data management for optimal efficiency

Experience the power of intelligent data management with Rubrik. The platform intelligently organizes and manages your data, providing insights that empower informed decision-making within critical business operations of your organization.

Frequently asked questions about Rubrik

Maintain business continuity with Rubrik, your all-in-one solution for advanced cloud disaster recovery, automated data backup, and immutable data protection.

1. What is Rubrik Security Cloud?

Rubrik Security Cloud is a pioneering data security solution designed to fortify organizations against cyber threats, insider risks, and operational disruptions.

Utilizing Zero Trust Data Security™ and powered by machine learning, it ensures comprehensive data protection across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications.

Key features include logical air gap technology, an immutable file system, advanced authentication, encryption, ransomware detection, and orchestrated application recovery.

With a security-first approach and a partnership with CIS, Rubrik Security Cloud is a potent guardian, upholding data integrity, availability, and swift recovery in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges.

2. Why is Rubrik different?

Rubrik stands out in the data management landscape for several distinctive reasons that set it apart from traditional solutions:

  • Automated backup and data management: Rubrik automates the backup process, minimizing human errors and ensuring efficient and accurate data protection.
  • Immutable backups: Rubrik's commitment to immutability adds a layer of defense against ransomware, making backed-up data tamper-proof.
  • Cloud-native approach: With seamless integration across various cloud providers, Rubrik adapts to evolving cloud landscapes, offering scalability and consistency.
  • Versatile recovery options: Rubrik provides recovery options like asynchronous replication, near-synchronous replication, and synchronous replication, allowing tailored approaches based on specific needs.

In essence, Rubrik's innovation lies in automated processes, immutability, cloud adaptability, and versatile disaster recovery strategies, making it a transformative force in securing and managing data infrastructure.

3. Is Rubrik really immutable?

Absolutely. Rubrik's commitment to immutability is a cornerstone of its data protection strategy.

Immutability ensures that once your data is backed up, it becomes immune to any unauthorized changes or deletions. This not only fortifies your data against accidental mishaps but also adds a robust layer of defense against ransomware attacks and malicious alterations to restore lost data.

Rubrik achieves immutability through a unique methodology, creating a safeguarded state for your backup data.

By making backup sets inherently immutable, Rubrik provides an extra shield of security for critical systems, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your critical data. This feature is a testament to Rubrik's proactive approach to safeguarding your data against the evolving threat landscape.

4. Is Rubrik compatible with different cloud providers?

Yes, Rubrik is designed with compatibility in mind.

Whether you operate in a multi-cloud environment or leverage a specific, cloud storage provider, Rubrik seamlessly integrates with various cloud platforms. This compatibility ensures that your data management strategy remains consistent and effective across different cloud environments.

Some of the prominent cloud platforms that Rubrik is known to be compatible with include:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Rubrik integrates effortlessly with AWS, allowing organizations to leverage the scalability and services offered by the AWS cloud.

  2. Microsoft Azure: As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Rubrik seamlessly integrates with Azure, providing a cohesive data management strategy for organizations using Microsoft's cloud services.

  3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Rubrik's compatibility extends to GCP, enabling organizations to efficiently manage and protect their data within the Google Cloud environment.

  4. IBM Cloud: Organizations using IBM Cloud can benefit from Rubrik's compatibility, ensuring a consistent and effective data management approach within the IBM Cloud ecosystem.

  5. Oracle Cloud: Rubrik is designed to work seamlessly with Oracle Cloud, offering robust data protection and management solutions for organizations utilizing Oracle's cloud services.

5. Can Rubrik be used for on-premises data protection?

Certainly. Rubrik's versatility extends to on-premises data protection.

Whether your data resides in traditional on-premises servers or in a hybrid environment, Rubrik's technology is tailored to protect and manage your data effectively. This flexibility makes Rubrik a robust solution for organizations with diverse, IT systems and infrastructures.


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