Revealed at .NEXT Conference 2023: What's Next for Nutanix?


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Nutanix, the leading provider of hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure solutions, recently made significant announcements during its annual .NEXT Conference in Chicago.

The company introduced a range of new products and outlined its ambitious vision to help customers streamline operations across distributed environments while accelerating the deployment of modern applications.

Find out more as we dive into the 5 key highlights from the conference and explore how Nutanix is revolutionizing the hybrid multi-cloud landscape.

NEXT conference Nutanix 2023

1. Project Beacon: A Revolutionary Approach to Application Deployment

At the forefront of Nutanix's announcements was Project Beacon, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing a portfolio of data-centric Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) level services that are available natively anywhere.

The vision behind Project Beacon is to decouple applications and their data from the underlying infrastructure, enabling developers to build applications once and run them seamlessly across various environments, including Nutanix or native public cloud platforms.

2. Nutanix Central: Simplifying Infrastructure Management

Nutanix Central, another special unveiling, is a cloud-delivered solution offering a unified console for visibility, monitoring, and managing diverse infrastructure environments.

With organizations increasingly managing distributed setups, Nutanix Central extends the universal cloud operating model of the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

It breaks down silos and simplifies the management of applications and data, providing integrated security features and license portability across public cloud, on-premises, hosted, or edge infrastructure.

3. Enhanced Capabilities in the Nutanix Cloud Platform

Nutanix also introduced new capabilities within the Nutanix Cloud Platform to optimize application and data performance, all conveniently managed through Nutanix Central.

These enhancements include streamlined database performance resulting in reduced total cost of ownership, as well as simplified networking and micro-segmentation capabilities across customer, partner, and hyperscaler-owned networks.

4. Empowering Kubernetes Workloads with Nutanix Data Services

Recognizing the growing importance of cloud-native applications, Nutanix unveiled Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK).

This solution empowers customers with scalable control over cloud-native applications and data. Initially available as part of Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), NDK brings enterprise-class storage, snapshots, and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities to Kubernetes.

It accelerates containerized application development for stateful workloads by introducing storage provisioning, snapshots, and DR operations to Kubernetes pods and application namespaces.

5. Additional Data Services for Enhanced Multicloud Operations

Nutanix Multicloud Snapshot Technology was also introduced, enabling cross-cloud data mobility by directly saving snapshots to cloud-native hyperscaler's S3 object stores, starting with AWS S3.

This technology unlocks hybrid multi-cloud data protection, recovery, and mobility use cases.

Furthermore, Nutanix Objects now integrates seamlessly with Snowflake, enabling organizations to analyze data directly on Nutanix Objects using Snowflake Data Cloud, thereby enhancing data locality and expediting time to value.


The recent announcements from Nutanix highlight the company's commitment to delivering a seamless hybrid multi-cloud experience to customers.

With consistent management across endpoints, the ability to run applications and data anywhere, and a comprehensive set of data-centric platform services, Nutanix empowers organizations to accelerate application development at scale. 

These innovations will undoubtedly reshape the hybrid multi-cloud landscape, helping businesses and you achieve unparalleled agility, flexibility, and operational efficiency in your digital transformation journeys.

Stijn Maes

Stijn Maes

Stijn Maes is Managing Partner and founder at Agisko and has over 10 years of experience in the field of application delivery. Stijn rapidly grew from consultant to architect within several virtualization companies. Stijn joined the career paths of Bob and Wim by joining Raido and afterward SecureLink where he grew further towards managing consultants in project delivery. Stijn strives to guide Agisko’s strategy and deliver excellent execution of projects at customer sites, giving them the best modernization of their digital business.

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