Save the Data 2023

Bob Deleeck
Bob Deleeck
18 October 2023

Agisko Rubrik Application Continuity Events

Save the Data 2023 is a wrap. And what an event!

We all know the sound of the alarm...the fire alarm. Procedures are in place to evacuate, they have been tested.

But what happens when it's the alarm of a cyberattack? How prepared are you really?

You're sleeping. Your phone rings. Your heart skips a beat as you hear the ransom note. All your data is encrypted, even your backups, and they want $1 million.

Ransomware is holding you hostage. How do you escape?

During three intense hours, participants got to experience and go through a ransomware attack - based on a true story.

What did Attendees Say?

We asked some of the attendees about their biggest takeaways from the event, and here's what they said:

"Make a plan based on the worst-case scenario(s) and include all impacted business units."

Others highlighted the importance of clear communication and the need to involve C-level management in risk assessments early on. Most attendees agreed upon the need to have a plan and continuously test it to ensure emergency preparedness. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to join us. Did you miss out? Watch a few highlights from the event here.

Save the Data Highlights

Scroll to see a few snapshots of the ultimate ransomware experience.

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4-AGISKO yust -

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3-AGISKO yust -

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Bob Deleeck

Bob Deleeck

Bob Deleeck is a co-founder at Agisko and has over 15 years of experience in the field of virtualization, business, and application continuity.

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