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Bob Deleeck
Bob Deleeck is Managing Partner and co-founder at Agisko and has over 15 years of experience in the field of application delivery. With his strategy related track record by successfully building the company Raido (co-founder), specialized in virtualization, he has the knowledge to grow Agisko into the Belgian market and beyond. Bob strives to guide Agisko’s vision and strategy to match the customers needs in modernizing their digital business.
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Microsoft Agisko

Why successful organisations never forget to backup Microsoft Office 365

Data is one of the most precious assets of the modern business, and the most at risk. In 2019, 15.1 billion data records w...

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Hello New Office !

After our startup in September 2019 in the co-working space "Het Bolwerk" in Edegem, we have made a giant step in difficul...

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VMware Windows Virtual Desktop Microsoft Azure Horizon Cloud

5 Best Practices for Making Your Remote Work Environment Crisis Proof

Few of us realized when we celebrated the New Year that this year would be different. But 2020 will go down in history as ...

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VMware Microsoft Azure Horizon Cloud Microsoft

How to scale your remote desktop in Microsoft Azure?

How to scale your remote desktop in Microsoft Azure to secure business continuity? Organizations have different reasons to...

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VMware VMC on AWS

Agisko Achieves  VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency

VMware Technology Service Partner Agisko announced it has achieved the VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency. VMw...

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