Rubrik offers $5M ransomware recovery warranty for Enterprise Edition


Rubrik Backup & Recovery

Rubrik has announced a $5 million warranty for its Enterprise Edition, which covers expenses related to data recovery and restoration if the system isn’t able to recover protected files after being attacked with ransomware.

Agisko - Social - Rubrik offers $5M ransomware recovery warranty for Enterprise Edition

As Bipul Sinha, the CEO and co-founder of Rubrik said in a statement that ransomware attacks have risen. This highlights how important data recovery has become for organizations that own sensitive information to protect against loss due to malicious software like Ransomware.

Data protection is a top agenda for CIOs and CISOs, according to Sinha. He added that recoverable copies are important in ensuring data security; Rubrik understands this goal because their SaaS-based Enterprise Edition provides zero trust with respect to the sensitive information on your enterprise's network (i.e., Ransomware Investigation).

What is Zero Trust Data Management?

Zero Trust Data Management means that the data you need to recover your organization is always accessible, never encrypted or deleted. In addition, this new standard will protect against ransomware attacks by ensuring all backups are 100% protected and resilient with immutable files, so they are used at any time without fear of being modified after an attack has occurred.

How does the warranty work?

This warranty will be available for customers running Rubrik’s Enterprise Edition and working with a Rubrik Customer Experience Manager (CEM) to ensure security best practices are in place. The warranty will cover expenses related to data recovery and restoration in the event that Rubrik is unable to recover protected data in the event of a ransomware attack. By partnering together we will reach the highest standards of data security excellence.

Learn more about this warranty.  >> Click Here <<

Bob Deleeck

Bob Deleeck

Bob Deleeck is a co-founder at Agisko and has over 15 years of experience in the field of virtualization, business, and application continuity.

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